How It Works

Report a Bully Process:

  1. You can Report a Bully three different ways; by phone, text or by web.
  2. Once the Bully Tip is received you will be provided with a number assigned to the Bully Tip.  You can use this number to follow up on the Bully Tip or to add more information to the Bully Tip.
  3. Crime Stoppers will provide the Bully Tip information to the appropriate law enforcement agency (police) for investigation.
  4. The Police will investigate the Bully Tip and determine if the incident was criminal and if charges should be laid.
  5. If the Bully tip was not criminal in nature and a school was named the police will pass the Bully Tip information onto the designated school contact.
  6. The designated school contact will then work with the schools and others to address the bullying incident.
  7. Statistical information, such as the number of calls, will be reported to the Ministry of Education but never details of any particular Bully Tip.