Report a Bully

You can Report a Bully three different ways; by phone, text or by web. This is a safe way for you to report bullying that will guarantee a police investigation and guarantees you will remain anonymous.

Saskatchewan’s Crime Stoppers programs have been providing a safe and anonymous way for people to report crimes since 1984. The Crime Stopper’s anonymous call, text and web reporting options can be used for reporting incidents of bullying and is now being promoted through the Report a Bully initiative.

Association of Crime Stoppers Programs of Saskatchewan (ACSPS)

The ACSPS is made up of the five Crime Stoppers Programs in Saskatchewan, who work together to prevent and solve crime in our province.

The ACSPS has also developed the Report a Bully initiative to provide you with a safe and anonymous way to report bullying.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause please contact your local Crime Stopper Program.

Saskatchewan’s Action Plan on Bullying and Cyber Bullying

In November of 2013, the Ministry of Education released Saskatchewan’s Action Plan on Bullying and Cyber Bullying. In this plan there were 6 key recommendations the second recommendation focused on anonymous reporting:

Recommendation #2

Recognizing that when in need, children and youth currently have a 24-hour, 7 days a week support in place to talk to trained volunteers and counsellors through the Kids Help Phone, but that an anonymous online reporting tool would help ensure bullying incidents are reported and responded to in a timely manner by the best people available to resolve the situation:

It is recommended that the Government of Saskatchewan develop an anonymous smartphone-friendly internet reporting tool and continue to support the toll-free Kids Help Phone.

To download the entire report please visit:


When the need for an anonymous reporting tool was identified in Saskatchewan’s Action Plan for Bullying and Cyber Bullying (Nov 2013), the Association of Crime Stoppers Programs of Saskatchewan (ACSPS) approached the Government of Saskatchewan, and proposed Crime Stopper’s Anonymous reporting tools be used and promoted as a bullying reporting option to the youth of Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Education agreed to support this initiative which resulted in the development of Crime Stoppers’ Report a Bully initiative.