Crime Stoppers Programs

Association of Crime Stoppers Programs of Saskatchewan (ACSPS)

The ACSPS is an association comprised of five SK-based chapters; Moose Jaw Crime Stoppers, Prince Albert Crime Stoppers, Regina Crime Stoppers, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers and Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers (all other communities in the province and rural), that have successfully combined their efforts to work with the Public, the Media and the Police to report and address bullying in our communities.

In November of 2016 the ACSPS launched the Report a Bully initiative encouraging young people and adults to report incident of bullying anonymously through phone, text or web.

Crime Stoppers Programs

Crime Stoppers programs successfully combine the efforts of the Public, the Media and the Police to prevent and solve crimes in our community. By offering cash awards and ensuring complete anonymity, Crime Stoppers has eliminated two of the biggest obstacles that normally keep the public from getting involved, namely fear and apathy.

Crime Stoppers programs make our communities a safer place for everyone to live. This is being accomplished through an increased percentage of crimes solved and stolen property recovered. The program also sends a strong preventative message that we, the residents of Saskatchewan, are not willing to turn a blind eye on crime.


The goal of combating local crime promotes better relations between the community, the police and the media. Through the Crime Stoppers program, the media has the opportunity to assist in resolving a criminal activity in addition to reporting the occurrence.


Crime in our communities requires innovative, effective programs which generate information for law enforcement agencies dealing with criminal activity. By encouraging greater public participation, the police have a better chance combating crime in our communities.

Crime Stoppers has become one of the most effective and successful examples of community based policing.


All Crime Stoppers programs are managed by a volunteer board of directors. They establish policy, raise funds, promote the program, oversee the payment of awards and are responsible to ensure the effective and efficient administration of the program.

The board of directors is comprised of concerned citizen who are chosen for their abilities and their commitment to the principles of Crime Stoppers.


Each Crime Stoppers program is a non-profit organization which is funded by contributions from individuals, small businesses, major corporations, community service clubs as well as civic, social and professional organizations. Urban and rural municipalities also provide funding in the case of the Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers program.

  1. Moose Jaw Crime Stoppers
  2. Prince Albert Crime Stoppers
  3. Regina Crime Stoppers
  4. Saskatoon Crime Stoppers
  5. Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers